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NES Communications provides standard manufacturer warranty. This warranty depends on the vendor of the equipment and on the type of equipment (i.e. core switches have one-year warranty while access switches have lifetime warranty).

Standard warranty conditions do not include equipment removal from and bringing to the location. Customer must detach and dismount the equipment and bring it either to NES Communications location or to a licensed service partner. The warranty does not include the temporary delivery of the functional replacement equipment.

The warranty includes the obligation of NES Communications to eliminate all possible defects that are caused by improper design or operation of the contracted equipment and which are not caused by the influence of other equipment not provided by NES Communications, unprofessional and careless handling and maintenance of the system, inadequate working conditions and intentional damage.

NES Communications will handle all warranty requests according to applicable laws and fix or replace the faulty equipment within times given by law.

In addition, the warranty does not cover the elimination of interference that can be caused by:

  • force majeure, due to negligence or improper handling of the equipment;
  • lack of maintenance and/or prescribed environmental conditions and electrical parameters;
  • due to the interaction with equipment which is not subject to this warranty agreement and the unauthorized connection of other devices and equipment that are not authorized by NES Communications;
  • caused by any arbitrary conducted repairs, alterations or modifications of hardware and software;
  • due to mechanical damage;
  • due to damage resulting from overvoltage and lightning;

NES Communications strongly recommends having SLA for business-critical systems and application, where shorter replacement times are possible. Our SLA allows for free replacements within 4-8 hours even after standard warranty expires.