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Unified communications (UC) brings three main benefits:



UC simplifies the user experience by making all your communications applications and
activities accessible from a single interface, meaning you will spend less time juggling
between different devices and message boxes.


  • You will be able to move cellular to WiFi whenever available
  • You can reduce roaming costs
  • With call routing and SIP trunking it is possible to reduce monthly expenses
  • Web collaboration and audio and video conferences can help you to decrease on long
    distance travel costs


  • Carry all your communication channels with you
  • Access all your audio/video/conference calls on the go
  • Participate in audio/video or web collaboration sessions wherever you are
  • Swipe your calls from device to device, transparent to other parties
  • Accept all your calls on your mobile device of choice, or have them forwarded to any
    other destination.



Small change for a large step into the future

  • Combine all your communications in one place
  • Enable better communication by joining separate models of communication
  • Combine email, text, voice messaging with live voice, audio and video conferencing, or web collaboration
  • Use single interface
  • Have presence notifications to indicate availability to participate
  • Do all this from any device, at any time, any place. Of course, you are welcome to invite anyone to participate, from any place, any company, any time.

Voice Platforms

Deliver secure and scalable communications with  comprehensive suite of software-based UC platforms for any IT, voice and application environment.


Deliver secure and scalable communications with comprehensive suite of software-based UC platforms for any IT, voice and application environment.

Phones and Clients

Choose from a broad range of desktop, mobile and soft phone clients that feature industry-leading engineering and cost-efficient network management.