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Managed Services

NES Managed Services streamline cost structures and enable solutions, allowing the enterprise to focus on core business issues by ensuring day-to-day management of your ICT infrastructure.

There are a few typical reasons why companies start using managed services:

  • From the Economy side – Merger or Acquisition – Increased Regulatory Requirements and tough capital markets driving up required rate of return
  • From the Technology side – Application Complexity – New Technology, New Business Initiative – Hardware End of Life; and
  • Business Drivers – Reduction in Staff – Reduction in Budget, Increased Number of Virtual Workers – Change in Management


Managed Services reduce risk, enhance growth and performance by:

  • Provisioning of communication and application services for voice, data and security as well as for solutions and converged networks on a recurrent basis over time
  • Agreed Service Levels for defined responsibility share
  • Including the provision of the necessary hardware and software (asset provisioning) with various forms of financing where required

NES Communications offers various levels of managed services depending on what the customer needs are and how much help is needed in managing their ICT infrastructure. Our flexible portfolio allows them to decide the level of responsibility they want NES Communications to provide.

By providing variety of managed service options we help our customers facilitate make vs. build decisions throughout their ICT.

Professional Services

NES Professional Services are consulting and advisory services that help you assess different technology strategies and align them with your business and process strategies. Services include application design, development and integration services, and deployment services to support the implementation, management and rollout of applications and ICT solutions.

NES Professional Services provides expertise in design, deployment and integration of cutting the edge Unified Communications solutions that help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, leading to improved productivity and increased profits.



Implementation Services

Our educated and experienced engineering team is your best chance of getting your project delivered on time, within the scope and estimated budget.  We offer implementation services for the entire NES Communications product portfolio.



Maintenance and Support

Now that you have chosen the solution, NES Communications will be there with ongoing support. Go live faster, realize the full benefits sooner—and keep everything humming.
With support for all stages of your solution’s lifecycle—from planning and implementation to operations and optimization—our full range of services can help reduce your total cost of ownership.
Get the most from our support for seamless implementation, innovation and operations. Benefit from our tailored support engagements and project-based offerings to provide on-demand support. Manage technical risk in all phases of the application lifecycle.