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Reduxio aka the Ransomware killer

Welcome to World’s first unified primary and secondary storage platform with built-in disaster recovery and copy data management capabilities.
Optimized use of flash: Automatically stores only the most active, deduped and compressed blocks
Reduxio is always-on, in-line, and in-memory with global dedupe and compression.
Reduxio automatically keeps each data block on the optimal class of storage, and allows 10x times faster VM deployment


Eliminate the complexity of deploying, provisioning, managing enterprise storage

  • Deploy in 10 minutes, provisioning volumes to hosts in seconds
  • No complex performance tuning; self-optimizing and automatic data placement
  • Automatic protection; no snapshots, schedules, or consistency groups to manage
  • Task-based html 5 user interface that is touch enabled; scriptable CLI

Do it from any device, use touch based UI

Self-protecting primary storage

Now you can instantly recover to any second.
Snapshots just became obsolete! One second recovery consistent across all hosts and volumes.

Plus clone and revert volumes with no upfront planning or data copy.

That is not all! Make data available instantly across systems and clouds, with instant restore ability with systems over 100 TB.

Your storage is safe and monitored for problems and performance issues

Immediate reaction to reported alerts

We analyze system performance and pinpoint peak times


If you go second before the attack, all your data is still there. No old backup, no snapshot, just one second granularity.

Nobody else can do this!