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Hospitality and Display Solutions

Leading hotel brands gain market share by getting to know their customers, offering personalized services, and encouraging direct bookings to increase profitability. Guests enjoy a memorable experience not just because of the unique style or ambiance of the hotel itself but also because of the seamless flow of information that simplifies and enhances every aspect of their visits.

NES Communications delivers these exceptional guest experiences with the best in breed solutions for innovatively meeting traveler needs.

We Are Able to Provide the Complete Package

Hotel guests expect high speed Internet access on multiple devices, integrated and automated rooms, highly responsive IPTV and VoD solutions, possibility to follow events from the room or see the hotel informations while waiting in front of the elevator.

  • NES Communications provides complete technical support from project design and project documentation, through consultancy, all the way to delivery, implementation, maintenance, and later upgrades of the system
  • We can save your hospitality business money every year, while delivering a new, simplified network architecture tailored made for each hotel independently
  • We have the knowledge to boost Hotel productivity, improve service, and make teamwork simple with mobility, video conferencing and workflow management solution
  • Implementation of hospitality solutions can be done in stages and the pace is determined by the investor. Depending on the size and category of hotel, existing infrastructure, and the available budget, we can deliver subsystems that are most appropriate for specific situations.


Internet and Intranet access solutions

If you need tamper proof, remotely managed, guest rooms, business centers and other public spaces, preloaded with all of the software guests needs – you are at the right place!

As one of the top companies in the region when it comes to HSIA business, NES Communications offers the most trusted high-speed Internet access (HSIA) and our solutions are successfully implemented in top hotels in the region.

As well as providing the best service, you will want to improve your opportunities for revenue where possible. With a quality Internet and Intranet solutions, you can vastly improve your chances at increasing customer spending. NES Communications provides services as easily as possible, so you can expect to your profits soar as never before.

Telephony solutions

 Telephony solutions include all of the functionality you need – comprehensive wake-up management, voicemail, auto-attendant services as well as PMS interfacing.

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, has proved to be a popular choice for hotels of all sizes that want a phone system to meet their business, operational and customer service needs. VoIP calls travel over the Internet, eliminating the need for traditional fixed line systems and reducing calling costs. VoIP software supports many advanced communication features and services that can improve productivity, flexibility and facilities available to guests.

NES Communications offers long-established telephone systems that promises to upscale the quality of any hotel or hospitality provider. With a number of features, services and products on offer, there is a lot to consider.