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Nikola Knezevic | CEO

Nikola is CEO of NES Communications since September 2012.

He has over 10 years of experience in telecommunications.
His previous positions included companies such as Ministry of Finance, Telekom Srbija, Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEN). During his work in SEN and NES, Nikola has worked all over the World, including Ireland, Slovakia, Portugal, Balkans, and Africa.
Nikola has graduated from Electrical Engineering at University of Calgary, Canada. He continued his studies at University of Sheffield, where he completed the EMBA program. Recently Nikola has completed NLP Trainer program.
On his way to the CEO position, he held different other roles, such as regional consultant for large enterprise voice systems, through Head of Technical Support department, and lastly COO. By doing so, has perfected both his technical and managerial skills.

Srdjan Savic, Bsc. Ecc | CFO

Srdjan Savic has over twenty years of experience in domestic and foreign trade.

His work experience in international companies such as Saad International (member of Saad Group of companies Kuwait) and Scitem (member of Scitem group Dubai) has helped him to fast excel in Siemens, starting 2004. After successful leadership of enterprise department at Siemens doo, he became CFO of Siemens Enterprise Communications Belgrade.
His knowledge and skills were crucial for successful business transformation of SEN to NES through MBO (Management Buy Out), along with his team and partners.
His vision of continuous growth and development of NES Communications, along with successful team development, is constantly implemented for the past 6 years with a help of the entire team led by Nikola Knezevic, CEO of the company.
Srdjan Savic has graduated at University of Belgrade, faculty of Economics. He holds certificates in: Foreign Trade Financing, Public Purchases and Commercial Contracts, Professional Negotiations, Time Management, Accounting and controlling.

Ljubica Hadzistevic | Head of Sales

One of newest additions to NES family, Ljubica Hadzistevic has taken over sales department in 2018.

Her vast experience in international and domestic companies, working at vendors, distributors and partner companies will help bring NES sales to the next level.
Her experience is over 15 years long and includes companies such IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Arrow ECS, SAGA and Mellon.
Ljubica holds a degree in Economics from University of Belgrade, and EMBA from University of Sheffield. She has also completed NLP Practitioner and Master courses.
She is fast thinking, open minded and team oriented.

Katarina Petrovic | Sales Manager

Katarina has 20 years of experience in telecommunications industry.

She was previously on positions ranging from account manager to managing director of Roaming electronics daughter company.
Her extensive knowledge of the telecommunications market, along with analytical and personal skills make her a perfect team member at NES Communications. In her first year of work she already won an award for best sales person of the year, for year 2017.
Her major accounts at previous companies were Telekom Srbija, Huawei, Metro, Delhaize, Idea and many others.
At NES Communications Katarina is responsible not only for direct sales, but also for partner sales and growth of partner community. Some of her clients are large banks and public companies, such as Siemens, Montprojekt and many others.

Aleksandar Nesovic | Sales manager

Aleksandar has over 10 years of experience in sales.

Aleksandar has over 10 years of experience in sales. Before joining NES team 4 years ago, he worked for companies such as Direktna trgovina and British American Tobacco.
Aleksandar is highly motivated, goal oriented, and people’s person. His unique approach as professional but friendly partner in business makes him someone whom our customers love.
His area of interest and expertise are hotels, and as such he is responsible for all partner and client relationships in hotel business.

Ivan Vilotic | CTO

Ivan Vilotic has over ten years of experience working in telecommunications.

He worked at Telekom Serbia and his knowledge includes design, implementation, and maintenance of secure networks, WiFi networks. He is skilled in different vendor equipment, including Extreme Networks, Cisco, Juniper, and Fortinet.
Ivan was appointed as NES CTO over a year ago, due to his fantastic organizational and managerial skills. He was voted unanimously by the whole team to the new position.
He personally worked or overseen many large projects such as Hotel Crowne Plaza Belgrade, Hotel Splendid, National Museum of Serbia, Belgrade Waterfront, Hotel Intercontinental Ljubljana, Hotel 88 rooms, Hotel Grand (MK resort) Kopaonik, and many others.
Ivan graduated at University of Belgade, Faculty of Economics. He holds certificates in network design and implementation.

Miloje Ranisavljevic | Service Engineer for Large Enterprise Systems

Service engineer at NES Communications since 2013.

His experience in networking dates from his days at internet provider companies in Serbia. Using this experience, he has moved to be the lead engineer for Large Enterprise Voice and UC systems.
Miloje has worked around the globe on NES projects such as France, Luxemburg, Portugal, Nigeria, USA, etc. He successfully completed large and complex project for financial institutions, service providers, universities, hospitals etc.
He has graduated from University of Belgrade, ICT College, as engineer for information and telecommunication systems. He holds multiple certificates for deployment and maintenance of telephony, UC and networking systems.

Valerija Smiljanic| Lead ELV System Designer

Valerija is the first ELV system designer to be employeed as NES.

Valerija is a Lead ELV System Designer with over 20 years of experience in ELV systems design, projects follow up/coordination, engineering, and consulting business.
She has vast experience in different design stages while following all the project lifecycle phases. Her expertise in designing, technical support, and team-leading was acquired while working in companies Energoprojekt-Industrija, Koving, and Arhi.Pro.
During career, she designed and developed a large variety of telecommunications and security systems solutions for different purposes buildings, campuses and residences.
Some of the largest and the most complex designs she did as an ELV Designer or as a Lead ELV Designer are: Shopping Mall BW Galeria-Belgrade, facilities in the Porto Montenegro-Tivat campus, Army base in Lubango-Angola, Grand Casino Belgrade, Main administrative building Metals Bank in the Novi Sad, One&Only hotel complex facilities in Porto Novi-Montenegro, and many others.
Valerija holds a Specialist degree in ICT studies in Belgrade, and currently, she is finishing her master studies.

Dimitrije Pesic | Service engineer

Dimitrije has been a member of our team since the beginning of NES Communications.

His long experience includes companies such as VF-TEL, Siemens, Siemens Enterprise Communications and NES Communications. Since 1997, Dimitrije has been in charge of design, deployment, and maintentance of large engerprise system (HiCom 300, HiPath 4000 and OpenScape 4000).
Dimitrije has worked on projects all across Europe, including some of the largest Siemens deployments of PBX systems. He has graduated from University of Belgrade, as engineer for electronics and communications.
Dimitrije still shows interest in learning new things, quickly resolves problems, and teaches younger colleagues all he knows.
He holds multiple certificates in large and SMB telephony systems.

Milan Stojanović | Service engineer

Service engineer at NES Communications since 2014.

Milan has extensive knowledge of SMB telephony and UC systems, and digital signage systems. His longing for perfection makes him a irreplaceable member of the team, that does projects with enthusiasm, creating ultimate customer satisfaction.
He has worked on projects such as Generali Insurance Serbia, Telenor, NELT, Hotel Intercontinental Ljubljana, Metro Cash and Carry, Hotel Regent, Hotel Vrdnik, Hotel Opera, and many others.
Milan has graduated from University of Belgrade, ICT College. He holds multiple certificates in telephony and digital signage systems.

Jovana Protic| Presales engineer

Jovana is one of new additions to NES team.

She has joined while still studying at University of Belgrade, faculty of Electrical Engineering. Her sharp mind and great ideas have secured her a position as presales engineer as soon as she graduated.
Jovana is working extensively on new projects in Serbia, France, and Madagascar.
Her technical background and language knowledge, along with her personality give her a possibility to work on projects of all shapes and sizes.
Jovana holds certificates for technical consultant for networking and telephony systems.

Petar Bisevac | Service Engineer

New team member of the NES team.

Petar has recently joined NES team as a fresh graduate from Mathematical faculty, where here studied programming. He has experience in different programming technologies such as: C# –, JavaScrip, PHP, SQL, Java. This makes him a perfect addition to the next generation of NES engineers, which will be mainly working on complex integrations of different software and hardware solutions.
His ability to see thing through the end, high quality performance on any given task, persistence, and ability to learn quickly were the main reason for fast inclusion into complex projects such as National Museum of Serbia, Hotel Splendid, and many others.
Petar is currently studying to pass Extreme and Juniper certifications necessary for the next level of projects he will be involved in, along with his master studies in programming.

Ivana Stosic | Commercial Assistant

Ivana has over 10 years of experience as administration and commercial assistant.

She is a valuable member of the team as she helps realize projects after sale is complete until payments are received. She works closely with the whole team, and alongside Sasa Cucic helps every team member whenever they need it.Her previous experience includes large companies such as Delhaize and Hemos.
She graduated from University of Belgrade, school of trade.
Some of her large accounts at NES Communications are companies such as Serbian Police Department, MK group, Capital plaza, and many others.
She holds all relevant certificates for sales in telephony and networking.

Sasa Cucic | Logistics officer

Sasa has over 25 years of experience in Logistics.

He has worked at large companies such as GT and Siemens Enterprise Communications. He has been a member of our team for more than 10 years.
All import, export, delivery, replacements, warranty, and other logistics support is his doing. He has Ivana as his closest co-worker, and together they do wonders.
He is also responsible for all the nice gifts we prepare for our clients and partners, and together with the rest of the team he makes all our great projects possible.